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How to Stay Totally Awesome

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So you got your mello board ….congratulations for being totally awesome…….man, we love you! Here are some tips to stay that way.


Get there quicker (& cooler)

Ride your mello to meet up with your soul buddies – it’s quicker than walking and way cooler than a bike (or dare we say it a scooter). Use it to travel to school or college – then carry in a backback or stow in a locker. The soft PU wheels on a mello board make riding anywhere and everywhere a chilled, sublime experience.


Let those lights shine bright

Confident skater? Then why not let those LED lights dazzle and cruise at dusk or even after sundown – heads are guaranteed to turn. Just remember be safe out there.


Try some tricks (yes really!)

Your mello is best for cruisin’ around but you can totally carry off some basic tricks (see our post ‘4 Simple Tricks to do on your mello’). The kicktail makes it possible for you to ollie over small obstacles and the deck size means you can rock it in a skate park bowl or even on a vert (no messin’ – check out our vids on FB and youtube for footage).


Get snappy

You got a phone right? Then you got a camera. Get arty and take some shots of your mello board in your fave places. You got a friend? Then they can take some shots of you riding your board.  And if they can take a shot, they can video you too. Pick your best pics and footage and proudly share on our FB page.


Pimp it up!

We know your mello is, like, amazing already, but you can make a statement and express your individuality with adding stickers, decals to the underside or even get a set of mello LED wheels in a different colour to swap out as and when the mood takes you!