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Cruiser Skateboard v Regular Skateboard – What’s the Difference?

cruiser skateboard

If you want to know the difference between a cruiser skateboard and a regular skateboard, then chances are you’re pretty new to skating.


Why are there different types of skateboard?
First, let’s focus on why the boards are different.  Regular skateboards are primarily designed for doing tricks, and not for travelling any great distance.  You will see people riding them up ramps and over obstacles at skate parks and on the street. You CAN travel on them but they’re not very comfy.

Cruiser skateboards are designed for travelling and are ideal for your daily commute to school or college.  Longboards are basically a longer version of a cruiser, also great for travelling but there are other genres like freestyle and downhill racing which require specific types of longboard.


Deck Shape

Regular skateboards have lozenge-shaped decks (often called ‘popsicle’ after the American word for lolly as it has a similar shape) with a raised nose and tail.  They come in a variety of lengths and widths so you can get one that feels right for you.

Cruiser skateboard decks come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.  Some have a kicktail which help to get you over obstacles you might come across on your travels but you can do a few basic tricks too.  Mello boards are essentially mini-cruisers as they are only 22” long, and have a classic retro style deck shape often referred to as a banana board.


Wheel Size

Regular skateboard wheels are small and hard, so they work best on smooth, hard surfaces. Cruisers usually have 59mm wheels made of softer polyurethane, so cope with rougher surfaces, making travelling distances a lot more enjoyable. Longboards need even larger wheels, usually 70mm.


There are, of course, other differences in the other components that make up the skateboards, e.g. the trucks, bearings, bushings etc so maybe we’ll cover these in another post. In the meantime…get ridin’ – whether it’s on a cruiser skateboard or any other shape or size board!